How to get noticed on LinkedIn

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield

There are so many benefits that come from putting yourself out there on LinkedIn, whether that is looking to grow your business, to build your personal brand, or to get to know other people and to network.

So how do you get noticed?

Post consistently

As you will know now from reading our other blogs, you get the most results and have the greatest impact when you post content and put yourself out there. Every post has the opportunity to be seen by different people and to receive engagement.

New users of SHIELD tell us that our dashboard encourages them to post more content, as they can clearly see how posting more contributes to their total statistics of reach, likes, comments and shares. SHIELD users can also be inspired from looking at their Average Statistics, as they can clearly see the impact that every additional LinkedIn post has.

Optimise your profile

Alongside posting more content, you can also optimise your profile. If your profile is optimised with a nice profile image, an eye-catching headline, a cover photo, and an About Section explaining who you are, you will benefit from more interest. This is because you are clearly signposting to new profile visitors what they need to know, with the information presented to them in a digestible way.

Leave comments

Another way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to share insightful comments on other people's posts. A great strategy is to write in-depth comments on content that is getting traction, because LinkedIn may tag your comment as the "Most Relevant" meaning it will be displayed first in the comment section.

If your insightful comments are on a large creator's posts, you will benefit from profile visibility as their post gains traction and momentum.

Personalise direct messages

You will also get noticed on LinkedIn if you send personalised direct messages. The majority of people won't take the time to send a note with their direct message, which means all the recipient has to go by is your profile image and headline as to why they would want to connect with you on LinkedIn.

If you've taken the time to write a couple of sentences about why you sent a connection request, you will stand out.

Post a mix of content

Text content has great reach on LinkedIn but it doesn't stand you out much from other people posting in the feed. However, if you post videos, images and polls, this content will successfully capture your audience’s attention.

Get creative with posting different types of content, which will stand out to people in different ways.

Explore the LinkedIn News tab

If you're falling short on content ideas, head to the LinkedIn News tab on the homepage. Here you can see trending topics curated by LinkedIn editors.

An undervalued approach is to create content reactively about the trending topics. If your post reaches a certain threshold of quality you have the chance for LinkedIn editors to handpick your post and to share your post under the trending story. If successful, this can propel your post and profile to be seen by the wider LinkedIn audience.

At SHIELD we like to follow the quote, “hold strong opinions loosely”.  If you're being definitive in your content, this will work in one of two ways: either somebody agrees with you and they get value from your post OR somebody disagrees with you and this opens up discussion which is a great way to learn on LinkedIn.

So these are some ways on how to get noticed on LinkedIn. To maximize all your efforts use SHIELD to track your data and measure the impact your content is having on LinkedIn.

If you are just getting started on LinkedIn, read out post about how to get ready before you post your first LinkedIn post.

See you!

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield