Your data belongs to you.

Join us today on our mission to enable content creators everywhere.

Your data is yours and should be yours to use however you like, across all platforms and services you use.

At Shield we are proponents of ethical, value-adding, positive use of data, and in particular of our own.

Through the use of sophisticated technology, we enable data portability at scale. In other words, we enable you to seamlessly port your data from LinkedIn to the Shield platform. On the Shield platform we make it easy for you to digest your data through charts and graphs that guide you to improve on LinkedIn, as a person or company.

There is immense value in our LinkedIn data and we believe that proper and ethical use of it can open up a world of relevant, value adding products that enable people to become more active, contributing members of the global LinkedIn community.

At Shield, we furthermore support LinkedIn’s mission of connecting the world’s professionals to make them more successful, in order to achieve our shared vision of creating economic opportunity for the global workforce we are all a part of.

The software and service we provide today revolves around statistical insight and analysis on profile activity and organic content performance. To learn what works and what doesn’t. To optimize and improve.

We do not scrape or automate user behavior.

We believe it requires people and a dedicated effort to build and nurture relationships. Not bots and automation. And this is the foundation upon which we build.

See you in the feed 👋


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