4 tips to get ready for your first LinkedIn post

4 tips to get ready for your first LinkedIn post

4 tips to get ready for your first LinkedIn post

4 tips to get ready for your first LinkedIn post

Pragya from Shield

"But I don't know what to write about!" We all face uncertainty and doubts before sharing our first post on LinkedIn. But there are things we can do, which will help us grow confidence and get ready to hit "post" for the very first time.

Here are 4 easy tips to encourage you to upgrade from scroller to creator on LinkedIn.

Let's dive in!

1. Customise your feed

Customise your feed to follow hashtags or content creators who inspire you. This will ensure you have a steady flow of content that gives you ideas. To customise your feed, start by following different hashtags for example #personalbranding #copywriting etc. Posts containing these will now appear on your feed. The more followers a hashtag has, the more content you can consume. A customised feed allows you to have plenty of quality content to engage with. A well-tailored LinkedIn feed will keep you hungry for more content and encourage you to come back to the platform more often. Best of all, you can see posts that do well and start understanding what it takes to build an engaging post. Screenshot favourite ones and save them for future inspiration.

2. Engage with other's content

Sometimes we get so caught up with thinking about what to post, that we underestimate the power of commenting. It is a great way to practice your writing skills, build connections by sharing your opinions. Engaging with other's posts will help to boost your visibility. It means that like-minded people will notice you and the content you create. We would recommend don't just react but take the time to drop a thoughtful comment as well. Your comment could be about why that post caught your attention or how the advice benefits you. This way, you are getting noticed by the author and other people who engage with that post.

3. Identify key content pillars

Identify two or three themes you will create content about. It can be anything from personal branding, sales, marketing to software engineering. Having pillars formulated will help to stay consistent. Furthermore, the audience will know what to expect from you. Ideas for a post can pop up at the most random moments. Pillars are an excellent way to curate ideas and turn them into a future post.

4. Enjoy the journey

It might take some time to transition from spectator to creator, and that is totally fine. Do it at your own pace and most importantly, enjoy the process. Consistently creating content on LinkedIn is more of a marathon than a sprint. This is why you have to find how many posts per week you can sustain without burnout. Start small and commit to what you can sustain.

Always try to create content you would love to see in your feed. When you set that benchmark you and your audience will be able to learn new things and grow together. And that is really an amazing feeling!

It is much easier to start than you think. And never forget, that the LinkedIn community is extremely welcoming and supportive. Create content about topics you are passionate about, experiment, and be yourself.

It is just a matter of time until your personal brand and audience will flourish.

See you soon

Pragya from Shield