Digital Ocean | USA | 2018-08-15
Digital Ocean is the cloud hosting we utilize to store and host the platform.

Stripe | USA | 2018-08-15
Stripe is a payment gateway that we utilize to handle payments from our paying users.

Sentry | USA | 2020-10-01
Sentry is a self-hosted and cloud-based error monitoring service that we use to stay on top of application errors.

Fathom Analytics | Canada | 2020-03-08
Fathom is a privacy focused website analytics that we use to understand and analyze our website and application traffic.

Postmark | USA | 2019-02-01
PostMark is an e-mail automation tool that we use for transactional emails to our users.

Intercom | USA | 2019-10-22
Intercom is a communication platform used to support and chat with customers, users, leads and visitors.

ProfitWell | USA | 2019-12-16
ProfitWell is a subscription analytics platform we use to understand and analyze our financial metrics.

Rewardful | Canada | 2019-11-05
Rewardful is the affiliate software we use to handle all affiliate arrangements and track affiliate commissions.

Google | USA | 2018-08-15
Google is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools that we use for our business.

Slack | USA | 2018-08-15
Slack is a cloud based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services that we use for internal communication.

Contractbook | Denmark | 2018-08-15
ContractBook is a cloud based contract tool that we use to handle all legal documents and contracts in relation to our users and partners.

Pipedrive | Estonia | 2019-10-17
Pipedrive is a sales CRM we use to stay on top of the buyers journey.

ActiveCampaign | USA | 2019-10-17
E-mail and marketing automation we use to send onboarding emails, newsletters and more.

LinkedIn | USA | 2021-01-01
LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that we use for communication with customers and the market at large.

Octobat | France | 2020-07-01
Octobat is a sales tax management software for accounting that we use to dynamically handle VAT and sales tax on all transactions.

Calendly | USA | 2020-01-01
Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that we use to schedule appointments.

Zapier | USA | 2019-10-17
Zapier is an online automation tool that connects our favorite apps to make them work together.

Notion | USA | 2021-01-04
Notion is an application that provides components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders.

Userflow | USA | 2020-12-01
Userflow is a user onboarding software that we use to build in-app product tours to guide users on how to use our own software.

Cloudflare | USA | 2021-03-10
Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and security company that provides us content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services.