Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield

If you are looking to create content on LinkedIn, an important first step is to identify your why.

Your purpose for creating content on LinkedIn will guide how your profile looks and what types of content you post. Don’t worry, your purpose can change over time and it’s fine to be more than one thing.

Knowing why you are creating content will help the process to be more sustainable for you. We all start with 0 followers, 0 connections and posts that get 0 likes, 0 comments and 0 shares. The good thing, is we can only go up from here and with your purpose firmly in mind, you can now view this as a long-term objective.

It’s very important to clearly identify for yourself why you are choosing to be more active on the platform. Is it to promote your services? Is it focus on content creation? Is it to get eyes on your profile so you can pull in opportunities? Or is it to maximize the opportunity on LinkedIn for networking and building relationships?

There are so many reasons why you should create content on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is growing as a content platform with the best organic reach available on any social media platform (with TikTok). From creating content, there is a great opportunity to be an early adopter. Only 1-2% of people create content, meaning there is less competition and your content can go further and be seen by more people.

Building an engaged audience right now on LinkedIn is low hanging fruit. You can become known for a skill, as a thought leader in your industry, or as somebody who provides valuable advice and expertise. Thanks to the organic reach, your time spent on LinkedIn will most likely be more fruitful spent on LinkedIn than other social media platforms.

You may have heard Gary Vaynerchuk saying

LinkedIn is what Facebook was in 2012.

Businesses used to post content on Facebook and it could be shared with hundreds of people outside their network. Receiving a comment on LinkedIn shows your content to people outside of your network. Reaching new people is a lot easier to achieve on LinkedIn than other social media platforms.


This is a huge one. Creating content on LinkedIn means you are showing up daily on the best B2B, business-to-business platform. A platform of ‘professionals’, so people with experience in their careers, people looking to share their expertise, people looking to provide value.

Fresh college students, university students and people who are just starting their careers who are looking to learn and grow. It’s an incredibly positive community. A lot of people are surprised by how friendly it is in comparison to other social media platforms. You are one direct message away from anyone. This is an incredible opportunity and one you should make the most of.


Become a thought leader in your industry by being one of the most active and consistent figures posting content. When you are the most active person in people’s newsfeeds, you are positioning yourself as the person who will come to mind when they are in a position to buy. Create content that educates your audience and over the long-term this will generate you inbound leads.

There are so many reasons why you should create content on LinkedIn and so many benefits to enjoy. Once you understand the purpose of creating content, everything else will become so much clearer.

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield