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Mark Twain famously said,

“There is no such thing as a new idea."

Curating content goes to prove that consuming other's ideas can be a great source of inspiration and a foundation for generating new content.

Curating content simply means collecting resources that you can find online and sharing them with your audience. You can build an engaged and loyal following by providing consistent value over time. When you do that, you will see exponential growth from this positive value trade-off.

Curating helps create more value-adding content

Curating content is a great way to post more, and it is also a great strategy for going the extra mile for your audience, as you can address their pain points and provide solutions from resources that are not your own.

For just one minute, consider some of the people that you follow online. Chances are, it's because they provide you value. However, they are also not necessarily sharing anything original or new that they have created. Sometimes a creator can be the first to share breaking news or can be a wealth of knowledge, insights, and valuable information, which they have collected from other places, and then shared.

Therefore, there are benefits for both, the creator and the audience, in curating content.

Curating content could simply be sharing blogs, interesting websites, podcasts, and books that you come across, that match your content themes and the types of content that you want to produce. This can be done by producing any type of post from the content mix, such as sharing text, content, sharing LinkedIn articles, images, polls, video clips, and also audiograms.

Curating helps identify your niche

Curating content is a great strategy for new creators who are exploring their LinkedIn content themes. At first, it can be daunting and hard to know what to post on LinkedIn until this is a habit where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. Therefore, we would recommend that you curate content if you are looking to show up on LinkedIn, and if you know the benefits of creating content.

After sharing content, which has been curated from other sources, receiving your first receiving initial engagement and enjoying the back and forth with people in your network, you will then see the benefits firsthand of posting content. And this will encourage you to create your own posts.

Curating helps start a dialogue with other content creators

Another benefit of curating content is that when you create these posts, you can tag or mention the individual who wrote the piece or the company that created the resource. This opens up the opportunity for dialogue with the initial creator of the content, as you are sharing their content to a new audience because you think it is useful.

This can lead to interesting conversations in direct messages and it can put yourself on the radar of your favourite companies and creators.

Curating helps generate new ideas

Lastly, curating content can tie neatly with idea generation. From reading interesting resources and forming this habit in your process for creating content on LinkedIn, you will make it a habit to read and listen to more information that follows your interests. Therefore from reading more interesting things, your knowledge will spike and this will compound over time, resulting in new ideas, concepts and the deep exploration of your topics of interest.

There are so many benefits of curating content for LinkedIn, whether you're a seasoned creator or just getting started, we'd recommend that you add this into your workflow to keep creating interesting LinkedIn content consistently.

See you!

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield