9 timeless tips to build your brand on LinkedIn

9 timeless tips to build your brand on LinkedIn

9 timeless tips to build your brand on LinkedIn

9 timeless tips to build your brand on LinkedIn

Andreas from Shield

At Shield we always look for timeless tips and principles. Tips and principles that have merit across platforms. Tips and principles that work across content types & topics, industries, jobs and regions.

In other words, tips you can always use when creating content.

So let's have a look! 👇

1. Give without expecting anything in return

That's right. Build leverage by helping, adding value, supporting, and bringing people together. Give generously and give often.

2. Make people look good (not yourself)

Highlight others, lift them up. Praise in public. Read a great post? Share it and tag the person. Tried a great product? Talk about your experience, etc.

3. Clarity over cleverness

If you are so clever, I'm sure you can communicate with clarity. Skip the jargon. Be inclusive. People want to understand ideas, not look up every other word you write.

4. Shorten your sentences

That's right. Choppy copy works. Simple ideas change minds. Not unnecessary complexity.

5. Write like you talk (to a friend)

Plain english works. No need for your academic vocabulary or industry jargon to impress. Your ideas will impress if people can comprehend what you write.

6. Tell stories (we remember stories)

Remember that one time? Yeah, you do. Bring context. Tell stories. We're emotional creatures and a good story brings us together.

7. One idea at a time

I know, you got a lot on your mind. But keep it simple. Stick to one idea at a time. Communicate clearly and keep the conversation focused.

8. Make your content mobile friendly

How many times do you pick up your phone per day compared to your laptop? Ok, great, so think mobile first when you create content: skimmable, short sentences, one idea, one call to action (question), etc.

9. Create content you enjoy creating

It's much easier to create content that excites you. Identify a topic you are intrigued by and interested in. Create in the format you are drawn to. Love video? Do video. Love writing? Write.

Your audience is waiting.

What else would you add? Curious to hear what you think, write a post on LinkedIn and tag us!

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Andreas from Shield