7 benefits of posting content to LinkedIn

7 benefits of posting content to LinkedIn

7 benefits of posting content to LinkedIn

7 benefits of posting content to LinkedIn

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield

There are several reasons why you should post content on LinkedIn. This is exactly the question we would recommend that you ask yourself if you are considering doing so.

In general, there are so many benefits to posting online, but in particular, we will share what we have seen people go on to achieve from creating content on LinkedIn.

This article will cover how creating content helps you:

  • To build your network

  • To create meaningful relationships

  • To create job opportunities

  • To upskill

  • To learn from others

  • To become known in your industry

  • To build in public

Let's dive in!

To build your network

"Your network is your net worth."

Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn in particular, places a great emphasis on building a network. A high-quality network, doesn't necessarily mean a large network, but a network of people who can unlock opportunities for you.

If you are just getting started, we have an article here about how to grow your network to 500 plus connections on LinkedIn, check it out if you're looking to grow a meaningful network. This takes time but its importance should not be understated.

To Create Meaningful Relationships

"It’s not what you know, it's who you know."

Again, this really epitomizes what LinkedIn is about as a platform. To be successful in your career you need to work with other people. It's most likely going to be the case that a job promotion or life-changing opportunity comes from somebody else providing you with it.

Therefore, when you focus primarily on people, you can have the greatest impact and have the greatest results. Whether you are on LinkedIn to upskill yourself and to grow as a professional, or if you're there to meet like-minded individuals, everything starts with relationships.

To create job opportunities

Creating content on LinkedIn is creating content on a platform intimately connected with job opportunities. Once you've built up a meaningful network, opportunities will soon start to come inbound instead of you having to proactively look for them.

Considering that we spend approximately 80,000 hours of our lives working, it's a small investment to put yourself out there and to share your interests. If you do this for long enough, opportunities, and people, will soon come knocking on your door. We've seen this time and time again with our SHIELD users.

To upskill yourself

You are going to learn a lot from simply spending time on LinkedIn, and add to that the benefits you will enjoy from engaging with other people's content and connecting with people of interest.

If it's a daily habit to create content on LinkedIn and to show up on the platform, you are probably going to be adding at least two extra hours of learning every week! No matter what stage of your career you are at, if you spend time on LinkedIn, you are going to upskill yourself in comparison to other social media platforms where it's more common to waste time from scrolling.

To learn from others

One of the main benefits of posting content on LinkedIn is to learn from other people.

When you share your thoughts, you are public-facing. This allows you to receive important feedback and to hear other people's unique perspectives on topics. Discuss ideas, hear what experts have to say and improve yourself everyday!

To become known in your industry

If you're regularly creating content on LinkedIn and you're visible in people's feeds, then you will begin to become known for the topics that you discuss. You don't need to be a C-suite executive to be a thought-leader in 2021. By being consistent, sharing your knowledge and actively talking about specific topics, you are going to be seen as the person with the most knowledge and the person with the most experience.

This creates a positive network effect. the more you write about a topic, the more you will learn and the more people will percieve you as an expert. What that means is, more job opportunities and more customers for your business.

To Build in public

We practice what we preach and encourage our employees at SHIELD to build in public. You're already doing interesting things in both your professional and personal lives, so why not take people on the journey with you by documenting your progress?

For example, if you are building an online course or writing a book, taking your audience on the journey with you of the highs and the lows is a very authentic way to create content. This also has the perks of allowing you to crowdsource information that people want to have included, meaning that by the time of selling, you know that you will have interest.

In summary, there are several benefits and reasons to post on LinkedIn. We hope that we've addressed your core question: "Why should I post content on LinkedIn?" The more consistent you are in your journey to creating content, the more benefits you will unlock.

See you!

Joe Gannon x Pragya from Shield