Andreas from Shield

Creating content and posting to LinkedIn is only the beginning.  What comes next is key to succeeding in your personal branding journey on LinkedIn.

Here are 4 key activities to accelerate your growth.

1. Respond to everyone (courtesy)

People took the time to comment. You take the time to reply. You're building an engaged tribe, not broadcasting. Treat people with courtesy. Acknowledge them. Show your appreciation.

2. Engage on other people’s posts (reciprocity)

Want to get on someone's radar? Wish for them to engage with your content? Build a habit of leaving thoughtful comments on their content. Even better if your audiences overlap.

3. Save your best replies for new posts later (upcycling)

Grab your best, most thoughtful comments and upcycle them into new original content. Top content creators use this shortcut to create original content every day.

4. Connect with people who engage with you (familiarity)

Send connection requests to relevant 2nd and 3rd degree. Do this after they engage with you and your content. Don't make them miss out on what is presumably relevant to them. You.

There you have it. Four tried and tested techniques to get the most out of LinkedIn, every single day.

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Andreas from Shield