Andreas from Shield

We are aware that some people are receiving automated warnings and automated suspensions from LinkedIn.

A handful are Shield users too.

Thousands of people use Shield, and hundreds of users are active on the Shield platform every single day, including ourselves.

The volume of people using Shield relative to the number of incidents we know about suggests that Shield users are not targeted.

We have not been able to identify any patterns across our user base, based on the messages we have received and the evidence we have collected.

As such, we have no reason to believe that Shield alone is triggering such warnings and account suspensions.

We follow this and have several monitoring systems in place to keep us informed should any patterns emerge from our user base.

Please know that we will always take appropriate action to keep our users, their accounts and their data safe and secure.

Our position & the Shield community

Our main focus is community oriented and customer focused.

We aspire to enable and empower creators everywhere.

From the beginning, we have immersed ourselves in LinkedIn. We encourage people to be more active, build their personal brands and embrace original content creation.

As a result, we have enabled thousands to become more active, more contributing members of the global LinkedIn community.

With that said, we do acknowledge the fact that we are a third party service provider in relation to LinkedIn. At the core of what we do is your data and your rights to access your data.

We made the Shield dashboard for you to analyze your data in meaningful ways that benefit you and the company you work for.

And this is the foundation upon which we build.

Read more about Your Data.

Why do users get suspended?

We have come up with a few possible explanations on why this is happening now. Why some people are receiving warnings and suspensions.

Here is what may cause it:

  1. Changes in actual user behavior. AI is not perfect.
  2. Chrome extensions. Any, really.
  3. Or the fact that you did what they claim you did.

Some do use bots and automation tools to do some of the daily grind. We do not recommend, use or promote such activities.

The suspensions may also be caused by hiccups in LinkedIn's newly implemented abnormality detection system. A system made to detect bots and automation based on sudden changes in user behavior, etc.

If you believe Shield has triggered a warning or suspension of your account, we kindly ask you to get in touch. We always look to collect all the information we can to troubleshoot on our end. Meanwhile, we assist you to take the necessary steps to continue using LinkedIn. With or without Shield.

Should there ever be an evident coordinated effort against Shield, we will take all steps needed to keep our users' data and accounts safe and secure.

The community around Shield is everything. Empowering content creators everywhere and hearing your success stories is what keeps us going.

Thank you.

On behalf of the Shield team,

Andreas from Shield