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Personal branding is the single most rewarding activity to take charge of your career, your reputation, your brand, and your life.

Personal branding 101

We all have personal brands. Your personal brand is how others perceive you. A personal brand is your reputation at scale.

Actively working with your personal brand implies you are intentional about how you are perceived. The opportunity lies in taking control of the narrative, making deliberate choices and building a brand for yourself.

The alternative is leaving it to chance. People have their perception of you either way.

By creating content on platforms like LinkedIn, you have the power to decide what you want to be known for and how you communicate that to the world.

How personal branding changed my trajectory

Through my work at Shield, I became aware of the massive opportunity on LinkedIn. An opportunity that combines incredible organic reach with a culture that is rarely seen on the internet. A culture of kindness, professionalism and empathy. A culture that seeks to lift people up.

My journey with personal branding took off in 2020 as I decided to level up my game on LinkedIn.

Here's a recap and my top five tips to get going.

A post summarizing how #personalbranding changed my trajectory in 2020

My top 5 steps to get started on LinkedIn

1. Identify your own voice

Usually, a combination of what you do, what you love and what the world needs. It can be one thing, or several. Stick to maximum 3 topics. Don't spread yourself too thin.

2. Post to LinkedIn at a frequency you can sustain

At least for 12 months straight without blinking. That could be once per day or twice per week. Make a decision and follow through. Build a habit.

3. Reply to comments and DMs

Engagement will come, slowly but surely. Make sure you set time aside to respond to everyone. Don't post and ghost. Remember you are building a brand, a tribe, a community. Interaction is key.

4. Be authentic, be personal

You can be professional while you're being personal. We're all human - and showing our human side is key to build lasting relationships. You can leave your family, pets & vacations out of it and still be authentic and personal. People just have to feel that you are being you.

5. Have fun

It's imperative to have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously. Make it feel like play. Suspend your ego and enjoy new inputs and perspectives to level up your thinking.

And perhaps most importantly, be patient. There's no silver bullet and no one ever becomes an overnight success.

I have built amazing relationships with people on LinkedIn. People that I today to call my friends, colleagues and customers. For that I am truly grateful.

Now, with Shield, we're on a mission to enable and empower even more people to start creating. To start building their personal brands. For themselves and the companies they work for.

The time is now.

See you in the feed 👋

Andreas from SHIELD